A.Vogel tuinen:
The homeopathic treatments of dr. A.Vogel are made in Elburg. These base of these
treatments are herbs and plants. The herbs are grown in the A.Vogel gardens (8 acres).

De Vischpoort:
De Vischpoort, builded in the 14th century is a towngate close to the harbour.
Before it used to be a closed fencetower. In the 16th century the tower was
opened for traffic.

Het orgelmuseum:
Exposes a unique collection organs and organ-elements photos and documentation
of organs, organist and componist things telling about the history of Hollands organs.

Smederij de Hoefhamer:
Here is a permanent exposition about the work of the blacksmith. The fire of the old
smithy regularly burns blown by the century pair of bellows to do the work.

Sjoel Elburg:
Sjoel Elburg is a story-museum about the history of Jews in the province. Stories about the
daily live of twelve Jewish families living in Elburg from 1700.

More information on the website of VVV Elburg.