In Walibi World you are taken to a world full of excitement and pleasure.
Whether you are young or old you are having a guarantied and unforgettable
day in more than 40 exiting attractions.

Boat-trip in an original fishing-boat (botter):
The finest way to see the past fishery life of Elburg is to take a trip in a botter.
Passengers are allowed to help the master-shipper doing his work.

Near the harbour is a midgetgolf-track with a big terrace for a drink after playing.
In the evening the track is lighted.

Snow Village:
Snow-fun in Holland on slope of real snow in the summer and winter.
The slope is made for sliding band, games and other snow fun.

Have a unique day at the Dolfinarium and enjoy 9 shows. In the room under water you can
the animals and who dares may stroke sharks and rays.

Three times a year fishing is the most spoken subject in Elburg. In the harbour of the
the town you can see the old fishing-ships (botters).
Thursday 9 September the botters are coming in.
Friday 10 September there is a theme market.
Saturday 11 september you can admire the botters in the harbour.

Meer informatie staat op de website van VVV Elburg.